Kick-Ass Music Finishers - Full Collection

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All Your Favourite Music Finishers In One Place. Get A Whopping $39.00 Discount When You Purchase The Full Collection 

What Is It?

The full collection of musical bootcamp finishers and templates.  

How Do They Work?

With each song, there are certain words and phrases that repeat. There is a baseline activity during each song, then each time a trigger word or phrase is repeated, a set action is performed. 

Why you Want it?

Song finishers have the power to transform your workouts from mundane to high-energy fun instantly. When you nail the fun part of your session with good vibe energisers, you give your clients something to rave about.

Who Is It For?

Group fitness trainers and 1-1 Personal trainers 

Special Offer!

Enjoy a $39 discount when you purchase the full collection.