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Make Dull And Repetitive Warm-Ups A Thing Of The Past. 

What Is It? 

21 Fun warm-up games that help group trainers nail the start of every session. 

How Do They Work?

Each warm-up game can be programmed with body-weight exercises, equipment-based or a combination of both. This gives you the power to create hundreds of fun warm-up games, so you can create a fun team atmosphere from the get-go. 

Why You Want It

The warm-up is the most important part of your workout because it sets the tone for the rest of the session. Magnetic warm-up games are designed to create a fun and energetic team atmosphere from the start of every session.  

Who is it For?

Outdoor group trainers and indoor group trainers who have access to a large space such as a sports hall.


Each game is uniquely different with its own creative twist. 

  1. Strike Rule
  2. Perfect Rotation
  3. Self-Made Titan
  4. Strength Vs Cardio
  5. Race Day
  6. All The Ducks
  7. The Quest For Zero
  8. Collectables
  9. Role Reversal
  10. Remember Me?
  11. Penalty Notice
  12. Grim Reaper
  13. How To Kill A Zombie
  14. Number Buster
  15. Death By 1000 Burpees (Team Effort)
  16. Death By 1000 Burpees (Gamified)
  17. Rockin Robot
  18. HIIT Association
  19. Fortune 500
  20. Speed Rounds
  21. Sly Builder
  22. Money Shark


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