Creative Bootcamp Warm Ups

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"Nothing kills the buzz quicker than a dull warm-up". 

You're a bit sick of repeating the same warm-up drill, and sometimes you wish you could do something a bit more exciting. If that's you then you're in for a treat. 




If you're sick and tired of repeating the same old warm-up, then chances are, your clients are too... and that's not a good look. 




chances are, you're clients are getting bored too... and that's not a good look. 



A fun warm-up sets the tone 




The warm-up is an amazing opportunity to get 





is the most important part of the class



a trainer, it's your job to bring the energy and get your group excited for whats to come. 



The warm-up is the most important part of your class because it sets the tone for the rest of the session. Magnetic games are high-energy activities designed to increase motivation, performance and team cohesion... from the very start of each session. 

Wants more, each drill is 100% unique and original and there are 21 in total. 

Who is it For?

Outdoor group trainers and indoor group trainers who have access to a large space such as a sports hall.


  1. Race Day
  2. Rockin Robot
  3. Jedi Tag
  4. Rush Hour
  5. PRS Battle Select
  6. Kill The Deck
  7. $100 Smash
  8. Shooter
  9. Tic Tack Toe Agility
  10. Have You Ever?
  11. Speed Winner
  12. Song Smash
  13. Team Rocket
  14. Cardio Wars
  15. Top Draw
  16. Ring of Fire
  17. Shadow Fighter
  18. Play To Win
  19. Partner Speed Tag
  20. Monster Munch
  21. My Super Warm-Up
  22. Brain Box