Unique Bodyweight Workouts Full Collection

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UBW Volume 1, 2, & is a set of ultra creative workouts with no running involved,  making them perfect for small studios, online training (via Zoom) and indoor/outdoor Bootcamps.

Each workout template comes with a unique selection of bodyweight exercises (lower, core, upper, cardio), so you can create a specific type of workout fast. I.e, lower body, core, upper, cardio or a combination. You can also slot in your favourite equipment based exercises.  

Super Flex Hero 1, 2 & 3 are the brainstorm editions allowing you to craft customisable workouts, and even print.  

Wants more, each workout is 100% unique and original and there are 66 in total. 

 Who can use these workouts? 

Studios, online trainers, indoor/outdoor Bootcamps.  


Downloadable PDF, editable word document.