Fun Team Challenges Volume 2

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Team work is an important element of group training because it brings clients closer together and creates a sense of community. 

These unique challenges (15-30-minutes in duration) are high energy activities designed to increase motivation, performance and team cohesion. Wants more, you can plug them into any part of your session and create a fun team atmosphere instantly. 

Each team challenge is 100% unique and original and there are 21 in total. 

Who is it For?

Outdoor group trainers and indoor group trainers who have room to move around. 


  1. Iso A Circle
  2. Speed Squat
  3. Sprint Ladder
  4. Sprint Catch Phrase
  5. Impossible Odds
  6. Quick Builder 
  7. Mountain Hustle
  8. Come Roll With Me
  9. Alphabet Friend
  10. Partner Frazzle
  11. Reaper Collects
  12. HIIT Flip Advantage    
  13. Double Bubble
  14. Shaolin Casino
  15. Pluck Accumulate
  16. Deck Rally
  17. Match Maker
  18. Devil Games
  19. Red Herring
  20. In a Pickle