About Leon

Hi, I'm Leon a British Commando turned group fitness trainer. 

I believe that every group trainer should have access to fun and effective workout ideas so they can run a more enjoyable business, and have more fun doing what they love. I created Bootcamp Sumo to give you a one stop shop for all things bootcamp workouts, so you always have a place to go for fresh inspiration and new ideas. All in one convenient place.

  1. Printable e-books: so you can draw inspiration no matter where you find yourself planning workouts.
  2. Bootcamp Book Club: a convenient way to learn new ideas and creative concepts (coming soon).
  3. Partnership Programme: to bring you the best workout based courses and training (coming soon).

As well as updating the shop each month with my own programmes, I'll be collaborating with industry experts to bring you the latest and greatest bootcamp  ideas and workout resources.

Leon Melnicenko

Contact: support@bootcampsumo.com 

Tel: +34605478634