Kick-Ass Playing Cards

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Discover: How To Add More Fun And Variety To Your Workouts Using Playing Cards

What is it?

21 Fun and creative group challenges and games based around coins. Do not be fooled. Although these drills are lot's of fun, they're also very challenging. 

How Does it Work?

Plug them into part of your session for an instant boost of fun. Each unique template can be programmed with body-weight exercises, equipment-based or a combination of both. This gives you the power to create hundreds of different HIIT workouts that you can tailor specifically for your clientele. 

Why You Want It.

Every group trainer knows that variety is the secret ingredient to high retention, happy customers and a thriving group fitness business. Kick-Ass Playing Cards adds a new dimension to your group training programme, so you can create better workouts and stand out as uniquely different from the competition. 

Who is it For?

Outdoor group fitness trainers, and indoor group trainers who have room to run around. 


Each drill is uniquely different with its own creative twist. 

  1. Card Killers part 1
  2. Card Killers part 2 
  3. Deck Me Accumulator
  4. 50/50 Hero
  5. Mountain Boss
  6. 1/3 Chance Saloon
  7. HIIT Smash Almighty
  8. Jekyll And Hyde
  9. 52 Card Pick Up
  10. Dark Knight
  11. Battle Monsters
  12. My Big Fat Burner Relay
  13. HIIT The Joker
  14. Hero Strike
  15. Jokers Duel
  16. Joker Deluxe
  17. Suits The Stacker
  18. Power Rangers
  19. Celebrity Unlocked
  20. HIIT Randomizer
  21. Card Thunder


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