Creative Bootcamp Ideas Volume 4

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If you struggle to find creative ideas for your group classes, I’m here to help.

I have created a unique mix and match system that lets you plan the most amazing group workouts in a fraction of the time it would normally take you.

You’ll have access to 24 creative workout templates ranging from 15 to 40 minutes that you can programme with your favourite exercises.

That’s thousands of amazing workouts at your fingertips.

Who is it For?

Outdoor group trainers and indoor group trainers who have room to move around. 


  1. Link Mission 
  2. Contest Hero
  3. Chicken Soup!         
  4. Super Select
  5. Raising The Game
  6. Monster Mash 13    
  7. Road Runner
  8. Shuttle Sandwich    
  9. The Happy Mile       
  10. Twin Intervals          
  11. Triple Chipper          
  12. Ultimate Core           
  13. HIIT Twist     
  14. Pay back Blitz          
  15. Big Dog         
  16. Dynamite Reaper    
  17. Team Builder
  18. Run Machine
  19. Elevator Shuttles
  20. The Big 50    
  21. Target Titan
  22. Won’t Forget You
  23. Split HIIT