Circuit Training Secrets Volume 4

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Add More Variety To Your Group Training Programme With 21 Creative Circuit Training Workouts

Although circuit training is an effective way to train groups, they can soon get boring, predictable and lack fun. 

Circuit Training Secrets changes that by giving you 101 brand new circuit training templates that are outrageously fun, result-focused, time-efficient and challenging for all abilities.

These creative circuit training formats can be programmed with body-weight exercises, equipment-based or a combination of both. You'll never be stuck for fun circuit ideas ever again.  

Want more, each circuit is 100% unique and original, and there are 21 in total. 

Who Is It For?

Outdoor group trainers, and indoor group trainers who have space to run around. 


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  1. Incredible Crush Circuit 
  2. Three In A Row 
  3. Triple Intervals 
  4. Mega Sets 
  5. Split Flip Advantage 
  6. Switch Hero 
  7. Nightmare Circuit 
  8. The Sizzle Circuit 
  9. Joker Deluxe 
  10. Split Test Commander 
  11. Invisible Number Circuit - change 
  12. Circuit Sally 
  13. Endurance Pro 
  14. EMOM Speed Circuit (twice through) 
  15. Tabata G Force 
  16. Order of Chaos 
  17. Doubles And Doubles 
  18. Mega Build 
  19. Deconstructed Fitness Frenzy 
  20. Death Row 
  21. Circuit Grow