Circuit Training Secrets Full Collection (Vol 1-5)

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Add More Variety To Your Group Training Programme With 101 Creative Circuit Training Workouts

Although circuit training is an effective way to train groups, they can soon get boring, predictable and lack fun.

And that's not what you want if your goal is to run popular classes

Circuit Training Secrets changes that by giving you access to 101 creative circuits that are fun, result-focused and challenging for all abilities.

What's more, each circuit has been designed in a simple template format, so you can create different types of workouts by slotting in your favourite exercises, be that body-weight, equipment-based or a combination of both

  • Full-body workouts
  • Lower
  • Core
  • Upper
  • Combo, I.e., lower and core
  • Equipment-specific (I.e., K-bells) 

That's 101 unique circuits, and 1000's of possible workouts.

Downloadable PDF.