Unique Bodyweight Workouts Full Collection

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Enjoy A $50 Discount When You Purchase The Complete Collection Of Unique Bodyweight Workouts

What Is It?

The full collection of unique bodyweight workouts and super flex hero templates. 

How Does It Work?

Plug them into any part of your session. Each challenge can be programmed with body-weight exercises, equipment-based or a combination of both. This gives you the power to create hundreds of fun workouts that you can tailor specifically for your clientele. 

Why You Want It?

The UBW series gives you the power to  build fun and effective workouts in minutes, so you can concentrate on more important things. 

Who Is It For?

Group training (outdoor/indoor), online training via Zoom, Facebook live or pre-made video, 1-1 personal training. 


Downloadable PDF, editable word document