Secret Ninja Playbook

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Discover: An Easy Way To Build Fun And Effective Workouts For Groups, 1-1 PT And Online Training

What is it?

A collection of 30 high-intensity workout templates that lets you whip up fun and effective workouts in seconds. With a wide variety of different workout formats, you'll never run dry of fun things to do with your group. 

How Does it Work?

Each workout template is different with its own funky twist. Simply slot in your favourite exercises, be that bodyweight, equipment-based, or a combination of both and design the perfect challenges to suit your clients. 

Why Do You Want It?

With these quick-fire templates, you can have your session planned in a matter of minutes, which is extremely convenient if you live a busy life. When you spend less time planning and searching for ideas, you instantly free up time for other activities. 

Who is it For?

Indoor/outdoor group fitness trainers, 1-1 Personal Trainers, online training 


Each drill is uniquely different with its own creative twist. 

  1. Ninja Builder
  2. The Devils Drop
  3. AMRAP Warrior 
  4. Supreme points
  5. Mission Control
  6. Demon Dice
  7. Test 21
  8. The Tough Test
  9. Brave Survivor
  10. Down Force
  11. Stacker Jacker
  12. Terminator 21
  13. Random Roller
  14. Mission Tabata
  15. Blast Force
  16. Superset Beast
  17. Crush Tabata
  18. Supreme Points
  19. Battleships
  20. Tabata Selection 
  21. Ladder Beast 100
  22. Descending Warrior
  23. The Big 40/20
  24. Big Chunk Hero
  25. Trial By Fire 
  26. Tabata Rage 
  27. The Decent
  28. Double Up
  29. Burpee Sandwich
  30. Core Selector


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